Dutch limousines

We are a Dutch limousine company. We deliver our limousine service through The Netherlands, but we can arrange transport through Europe as well. Also when you are looking for transport by limousine through Europe, we are there for you. We are part of the Hans Bezemer "Real Art on Wheels" company, established in 1957. We are specialized in personal transport. In our opinion is every passenger a VIP. The service we guarantee is of the highest level. All our chauffeurs are well provided. We know how to handle with exacting clients. Our limousines are also used for the most famous artists.

In stock we have lots of the Lincoln limousines, Chrysler limousines and Hummer H2 limousines and Hummer H3 limousines. If you are looking for other kind of limousines, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We have an international network of suppliers and we are able to make the best deals for you.

With our Dutch limousines, service is the highest standard.

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